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This I Know | The Magic of Watercolor Painting

This I Know | The Magic of Watercolor Painting


In the Slide 2022 challenge of Watercolor Artist Magazine, we featured these inspiring phrases on the magic of watercolor from artist Chien Chung-Wei

Right after lots of several years portray in watercolor, celebrated artist Chien Chung-Wei has acquired a point or two about how to make the most of this magical medium. Get his statements on magnificence, artistry and technique and infuse your personal painting apply with renewed energy—and do so with the coronary heart of an explorer for, as Chung-Wei tells us, “Watercolor favors the adventurer!”    

On Watercolor …

“How to tactic all those unanticipated variations that inevitably take place in the method of watercolor painting? Allow me quotation the master Sheng-Yen: ‘Accept it, manage it, and allow go of it.’”

“Watercolor portray is exciting simply because it’s tricky!”

The Puppy Going for walks Down The Steps (watercolor on paper, 141/2×103/5)

On Beauty …

When the Streetlights Go On (watercolor on paper, 141/2×103/5)

“The means to explore splendor is made the decision by your aesthetic cultivation additional than by cameras and sketchbooks, and your capacity to make magnificence is made a decision by your useful painting practical experience, not the unique brush you keep in your hand.”

“What motivates you and me to develop art? The remedy is splendor! To explore, go after and create natural beauty, observe your coronary heart.”

“Create attractiveness from your every day lifestyle. Appear critically at typical items and standard scenery to discover splendor. There, you’ll also obtain creativity.”

On Method …

“I don’t care a lot about what my subject is, or what I see in a photo, I basically try to learn and fortify the intrigue of the kinds I notice. This is the most intriguing and essential aspect of painting.”

“In order to spotlight the electric power of aspects, and to make them significant and important, the depiction of particulars need to be centered on a perfectly-manufactured feeling of over-all wholeness.”

“Use the bare minimum depth to build highest vitality. The premise is that only when the essential specifics are designed on a sturdy composition can they produce astonishing consequences.”

Verona Current market (watercolor on paper, 141/2×103/5)
Dancing Like Butterflies

“Use simplified styles of coloration to suggest the most difficult particulars.”

“The history of a painting—the coloration tones, styles and texture—usually determines 80 percent of the ambiance and mood in the image.”

“Only just after you set up the construction of a painting can you take pleasure in maneuvering the brushstrokes with unconstrained independence.”

On Failure & Success …

“Why does a portray fall short? Deficiency of skill or familiarity with the medium is maybe only 10 percent. The other 90 p.c benefits from not figuring out what you want to current.”


“I’m only greater at watercolor than my learners for the reason that I have messed up a lot more watercolor papers.”

Shantou in The Rain (watercolor on paper, 291/2×22)

Satisfy the Artist

Taiwanese artist Chien Chung-Wei was born in 1968. He earned a Masters diploma in High-quality Art at the National Taiwan Regular College. In excess of the a long time, he has won lots of awards in intercontinental competitions and has the dinstinction of getting the 1st artist from Taiwan to gain Signature Membership and a Dolphin Fellowship with the American Watercolor Society. He teaches watercolor in Taiwan and also gives tutorial watercolor workshops worldwide. Stick to the artist on social media at facebook.com/hibariprince and on Instagram @chien_chung_wei.