April 23, 2024


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Interview with Andrea Solaja, the Figurative Artist of Light and Dark

Interview with Andrea Solaja, the Figurative Artist of Light and Dark

Andrea Solaja has lately joined Rise Artwork, bringing her numerous portfolio of summary paintings and sculptures to the platform. Andrea creates worlds and characters, taking part in with the contrast of light and dark, and tells stories employing shapes in her personal personal way to express her feelings and as a supply of reduction to escape from the shadows of her Serbian childhood when the state was bombed.

Andrea Solaja taking Orestes, what have you done? off the wall when it’s sold (@andrea_solaja)


How would you describe your inventive style?

At the age of 10, I’ve experienced a horrible lifestyle encounter: my country was bombed.

My sole supply of aid to escape from the horrors of all those days was imagining worlds and developing tales inside of the gentle of the only candle I had. The shadows projected on the walls would flip into the designs of the at any time shifting figures of my creativity, I can see my fingers weaving  evanescent details which blended with the condensation and the cold. That light-weight shone on an outer space which was far too small for a child. I experienced to make a person to turn into internal, immense.

I hold my childhood and its goals inside of that compact flame. I sealed the darkness I experienced inside with the wax and with the wick I tied the recollections of a everyday living which was not heading to be mine any more.

My art unfolds about the narration of that mild. My paintings are symbionts of the sport of contrasting mild and dark which narrate with no revealing, which drain my inner emotions on the canvas stopping the styles from getting to be road blocks.

Andromeda I, 2022, by Andrea Solaja


What messages or themes do you want to converse with your get the job done?

I paint the tales that strike my chords, with which I understand a bond.

As a tailor, I wrap my canvas around you to make you turn into the artwork that you desire to narrate. Your previous, your perceptions and your emotions are transformed as the warp and weft of a special tale which has lastly been unveiled. Yours.

Andrea including the remaining touches to Alchemy (@andrea_solaja)


How has your apply evolved in excess of the decades? Have you normally worked in an abstract style?

Nice dilemma.

To be trustworthy, I’ve by no means believed about it.

In terms of method, I’m not equipped to say greater or worst, let us say that I have found my mark, my impact. Isn’t this what each artist aspires to?

My like for Figurative type has not improve, but my sight certainly has and which is why numerous individuals define my artwork, Summary.

‘’Nearsightedness’’ is my approach, but the fashion is however Figurative.

Afrodite, 2022, by Andrea Solaja


What’s an average day like in your studio? 

Oh, you would be so bored shelling out time with me in the studio!

I am so immersed in analysis and in my ideas that I locate it difficult to be current in the terrestrial globe. I’m pretty slow in output of my art and the explanation of this slowness is thanks to a lot of investigate at the rear of every single artwork: it commences from the story I want to inform and how I want it to be told the preference of the product that best suits the story hours of sketching… When I have the obvious idea in my head of the final final result, perfectly which is the second I start out with the output.

Andrea sitting down in her ‘second home’, Artwork Space (@andrea_solaja)


What/Who are your important influences?


I have always experienced a passion for artists who have gone versus the tide, mainly because you require to imagine in opposition to the tide if you want to have actually impressive ideas. Caravaggio, Artemisia Gentileschi, Marcel Duchamp, Banksy, Lucio Fontana… to identify a handful of. People commonly assess my will work with Caravaggio’s due to the fact of the darkness and I’m fantastic with that if we want to summarise briefly my art.

But, the fact is distinctive. I’m obsessed with the stories driving each individual Artist and their time, the culture they lived in, but generally the reason which pushed them to make that form of artwork, their psychology, their soul, their thoughts and doubts…


I’m a massive supporter of Greek mythology, omnipresent in my get the job done.

Afrodizie, 2022, by Andrea Solaja


Who are some Increase Art artists with work you happen to be experiencing at the second?

Basically a great deal of them, these kinds of as Iain Andrews, Michele Fletcher, but Johanna Bath’s functions are unquestionably my favourite. Her art reminds me of Gerhard Richter’s blurry series, but enriched with a female contact.


Are you at present functioning on any exciting new projects?

My final undertaking was ‘’Semi di Luce’’ for ‘’LUCE’’ Artwork Exhibition in Palermo and it was this kind of an astounding encounter. September is all around the corner with a ton of fascinating projects that I simply cannot wait to share with you! But now, I want some rest!

Semi di luce, 2022, by Andrea Solaja